What is Kundalini POWER/SHAKTI and do you have it?

Friends there are few topics or concepts in this world which have always remained surrounded by several mysteries and confusions. No one exactly knows about such topics, but still everyone has a viewpoint on the same. Most of the times people presents such concepts in such a complex and mysterious manner that an ordinary person, simply surrenders and say that these things are not meant for me or it’s beyond my understanding or many may even say that I don’t believe in all these things. Kundalini power is one such topic. Even the people who claim to be an expert on this topic are actually bounded in various complex jargon’s or terminology without understanding the real essence of Kundalini power. Few experts wrongly relate their so called mystic experiences to Kundalini power.

So if you fall under any of the category mentioned above, then you must DEFINITELY read this article. This article, if read with great concentration and focus, has the POWER to COMPLETELY ALTER the way you live your life. Your complete mindset or perception towards life will change and those of you who have read my 100’s of articles, watched my videos, know very well that, by lord’s grace your friend Nikhil has never made a false claim.

In my previous 2 articles, I have covered another such complex topic i.e. Yuga cycle related calculations and in this article your friend Nikhil is going to remove all the dust and smoke surrounding the topic of Kundalini power.

I promise all of you that after reading this article, you all will have a complete understanding about this topic of Kundalini Power without any confusion whatsoever. Not only this, during my explanation, I will not even use one technical word, so that all of you could follow all my words through mere common sense. Yes, I know that even common sense is not very common in every common man but I have a different take on this. Actually we all have enough common sense but because we all love to make things mysterious and complex, that’s why our common sense does not get a chance to blossom.

Anyways let’s come to the point and begin our process of understanding. So all of you; please get ready to dive in the world of mystery along with your friend Nikhil.

This world is functioning or running or moving because in every corner of the world, some or the other activity or karma is happening. Any activity or karma requires some energy. If that energy is used in a constructive manner then it will create something and if that energy is destructive in nature then it will destroy something. You may be a cook, a plumber, a carpenter, a player, a politician, police, an engineer, a writer, a scientist, a doctor, an artist, a lawyer, a judge, an astrologer, an anchor, a cleaner, a criminal or a gangster etc, everybody is creating or destroying something every moment using his/her energy or kundalini power.

In short, all of us are using our Kundalini power every moment and this process will end only with our death.

Basically, we all are having this kundalini power and using it too. In the absence of this kundalini power, we cannot even move a pin BUT few people use this power to do or accomplish GREAT or BIG tasks in life. In short, through this very power, when a person acquires greatest possible skill set in their field, then he or she can achieve great fame or great power or great wealth in their respective fields. On the other hand, if someone do not use this power for any good purpose or is wasting this power by getting involved into unnecessary activities, then he/she will lead a completely insignificant life.

Let’s take an example, suppose you wish to become a great singer. For this, you keep learning and practicing singing skills everyday for 2 hours. What will happen if you will keep doing this consistently for many years or many decades? Simple, slowly and steadily, your kundalini power will help you to achieve greatness in the skill or art of singing. The same is true for any skill which you wish to master.

Through this kundalini power not only can we achieve great fame or great power or great wealth but even a new life could also be created.

To understand this deeply, let take an example. Process of intercourse (when the male semen gets merged with the female egg), has the ability to give birth to a new life. Creation of a life is the most complex, beautiful or a magical process fueled by kundalini power. No creation in this world can match the creation of a new life. Now imagine even an ordinary human being has the kundalini power which enables him/her to participate in the process of creating a new life physically.

But still, does an ordinary human being actually realize that he/she is doing a magic by creating a new life through their kundalini power? This realization does not happen because there is no mystery or confusion surrounding this fact.

Actually, the main problem starts from here only because even after knowing everything, 99% of the people know nothing.

Things, circumstances and people which do not have a mystery associated with them, we human beings do not feel or understand the greatness of those things, circumstances and people. Keep a hand on your heart and tell me, do we really realize or appreciate the importance of the most simplistic aspects of our life, like sunshine, air, water, earth, open sky, love and support of people closest to us. Answer is no, Why? Because there is no mystery or confusion surrounding these 5 elements or around the people who love and support you. Therefore we take them for granted. On the other hand, we immediately get attracted by some mystery, wealth, fame, power, magic, sex and all luxurious or expensive things which are actually not permanent. That’s why I said above we all love to make things mysterious and complex, because of which our common sense does not get a chance to blossom.

In short, the most beautiful, the most divine and the most important (things/circumstances/people) are so simple, clear and apparent, that we fail to recognize or appreciate their importance and that’s why people get trapped into the web of suffering, pains, mysteries and confusions. Instead of focusing on the most precious aspects of life, we all keep running after something which is controlled by our materialistic desires.

Anyways, in the simplest words, the energy which has the power to create or destroy is known as kundalini power.

Apart from achieving great fame, great power, great wealth and creating a new life, this Kundalini power even has the ability to award you with the most precious gift of Moksha or Enlightenment.

But the question arise, that from where this kundalini power is originating or what is the source of this power?

From this point, most of the confusion starts.

  • As per shaiva tantra, it is a form of divine feminine energy (i.e. Parvati or Adi parashakti or Bhairavi or Kubjika) believed to be located at the base of the spine.
  • As per another view, this energy in the body, when cultivated and awakened through tantric practice, is believed to lead to spiritual liberation.
  • Others believe that awakening of kundalini energy happens through regular practice of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Asanas or Meditation
  • As per few, it is the power that brings into manifestation the body, breath, and experiences of pleasure and pain, with the power of sexuality as the source of reproduction.

Now all these views are correct in their own respect but a common man gets confused, bewildered as well as fascinated after reading such definitions. That’s why I stated in the very beginning that I will not use even one such technical term during my explanation.

Therefore, your friend Nikhil is now going to pull you out from all these difficult terminologies and will let you know about the actual source of this Kundalini power.

Have you ever wondered by why in Astrology our birth chart is called as Kundli. Simple, because whatever constructive or destructive energies we have, the source of all that energy is our 9 planets namely Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Moon, Rahu, Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Ketu. So basically the COMBINED ENERGY OF ALL THE 9 PLANETS which decide each and every moment of our life is actually the source of our Kundalini energy. Through Vedic Astrology, an Astrologer like me studies the effects of those 9 planets only.

Crux of the matter is that the more powerful your birth chart or kundli would be, the more kundalini power you will be having and the more fame, power, wealth, influence etc you will experience in your life. From another perspective, the strength or auspiciousness of our planets depends on our karmas. So, the more our karmas are aligned with the path of dharma, the more auspicious our planets would get and the more constructive kundalini energy we would experience.

Final question which arise here is, how to know that how much constructive Kundalini power a person have?

Now if you do not know how to read your birth chart or kundli to understand the level of your kundalini power, then either you can take the help of an Astrologer like me or you may keep reading this article, to yourself judge or ascertain the intensity of kundalini power which you actually possess.

In easy language, if you have following listed qualities in your personality, then you can assume that you have a great kundalini power. Greater the intensity of these listed qualities and the more number of these listed qualities you have in your personality, the greater would be the level of your kundalini power. So, here is the checklist:

  1. Daya (दया) (Compassion)
  2. Dhairya (धैर्य) (Patience)
  3. Kshama (क्षमा) (Forgiveness)
  4. Nyaye (न्याय) (Justice)
  5. Nirapeksha (निरपेक्ष) (Bereft of desires and expectations)
  6. Niraasakta (निरासक्त) (Detached)
  7. Tapasvi (तपस्वी) (Ascetic or Meditator)
  8. Daanashila (दानशील) (Charitable or Giver)
  9. Nitivaadi (नीतिवादी) (Moralist or Honest)
  10. Satyavadi (सत्यवादी) (Truthful)
  11. Brahmcharya (ब्रह्मचर्य) (Chastity, marital fidelity, sexual restraint)
  12. Aprigraha (अपरिग्रहः) (Non-avarice, non-possessiveness)
  13. Asteya (अस्तेय) (Not stealing)
  14. Ahimsa (अहिंसा) (Nonviolence)
  15. Nidar (निडर) (Fearless or bold)
  16. Aatmavishwasi (आत्मविश्वासी) (Confident)
  17. Drindh Nishchayi (दृढ़ निश्‍चयी) (Resolute or Determined)
  18. Tyagi (त्यागी) (Solitaire)
  19. Buddhiman (बुद्धिमान) (Intelligent)
  20. Smaranshakti (स्मरणशक्ति) (Powerful memory)
  21. Sahansheel (सहनशील) (Tolerant)
  22. Vicharak (विचारक) (Thinker)
  23. Vinamra (विनम्र) (Polite)
  24. Sahasi (साहसी) (Brave or daring)
  25. Niswarth (निस्वार्थ) (Selfless or non egoistic)
  26. Shighragami (शीघ्रगामी) (Speedy or swift)
  27. Doordarshi (दूरदर्शी) (Visionary or foresighted)
  28. Sookshmadarshi (सूक्ष्मदर्शी) (Observer of small things, aspects or issues)
  29. Mayavi (मायावी) (Elusive or deceptive)
  30. Tarkik (तार्किक) (Logical)
  31. Dhriti (धृति) (Fortitude, perseverance with the aim to reach the goal)
  32. Aajarva (आर्जव) (Non-hypocrisy, sincerity)
  33. Mitahar (मिताहार) (Measured diet )
  34. Sarvagyata (सर्वज्ञता) (omniscience, having total authority; having the ability or skill to do everything)
  35. Shaucha (शौच) (Purity, clearness of mind, speech and body)
  36. Santosha (सन्तोष) (Contentment)
  37. Svadhyaya (स्वाध्याय) (Study of self, self-reflection, introspection of self’s thoughts, speeches and actions)
  38. Ishvarapranidhana (ईश्वरप्रणिधान) (Attachment to the supreme consciousness)
  39. Hrī (ह्री) (Acceptance of one’s past, modesty, humility)
  40. Mati (मति) (Think and reflect to understand, reconcile conflicting ideas)
  41. Avishkarak (अविष्कारक) (Inventor)
  42. Trikaldarshi (त्रिकालदर्शी) (Ability to know past, present and future of anyone through various occult sciences)
  43. Vak siddhi (वाक् सिद्धि) (Absolute control over speech, Language or words or ability to express oneself without ambiguity through speech)
  44. Raajnayik (राजनयिक) (Diplomat or ability to negotiate)
  45. Lekhak (लेखक) (Author or ability to express oneself through writing without ambiguity)
  46. Kavi (कवी) (Ability to express oneself through poetry)
  47. Abhineta (अभिनेता) (Actor or Ability to express oneself through acting)
  48. Gayak (गायक) (Singer or Ability to express oneself through singing)
  49. Nartak (नर्तक) (Dancer or Ability to express oneself through dancing)
  50. Manovagyanik (मनोवैज्ञानिक) (Psychologist or Ability to read minds)
  51. Sharirik Bhasha Visheshgye (शारीरिक भाषा विशेषज्ञ) (Body language specialist or Ability to read the body language of a person)
  52. Chadmveshi (छद्मवेशी) (Undercover or Ability to hide oneself or ability to live in disguise)