Mars gives the “Best Results” in the 2nd house

In this article we will try to understand that why Mars give its best results in the 2nd house.

Please Note, this planetary house placement has to be taken as per the Cusp or KP chart, not lagan chart, now why am I using cusp chart, to understand that you must read my article on cusp chart.

Here is the link:CUSP or KP CHART(Placidus System)

Anyways coming back to the topic:

See, though mars represent energy, courage, physical strength but the most important faculty associated with it is logic. Logic gives us the ability to link unlimited amount of scattered information into one single thread. Indeed, that’s why ability to convince someone, ability to motivate someone, ability to debate with someone primarily depends on mars.

Now, we cannot convince someone unless Mars logic is inherent in our speech.

We cannot motivate or debate with someone unless Mars logic as well as aggressiveness is rooted in our speech.

In short, since 2nd house governs our speech, hence mars here give rise to great leaders and great orators who can motivate as well convince millions of people through their speeches. Of course holistic analysis of chart is essential before giving any prediction.

Mars also give good results in 3rd house, 6th house and 10th houses.

You all also must be thinking, that why Nikhil is not talking anything about the sign which Mars should occupy, so friends if Mars happens to occupy its exaltation or own or friendly signs then obviously that would be an added advantage BUT you all must keep 1 point very clearly in your mind, i.e. BHAVA PLACEMENT of a PLANET HOLDS MUCH more importance than any other factor in Astrology and that is why I am discussing house placement here instead of discussing Mars effect in 12 different signs.

Here, for your information, people like Russian President Mr Putin, King Krishnaraj Wadiyar, Emperor Samudragupta the great, King Muhammad Ali Pasha and many other top notch leaders, kings and emperors have their Mars placed in the 2nd house as per the cusp chart. Also refer this article:Features of GREAT emperor Birth chart or horoscope

Lastly the placement of Mars in the 2nd house is more desirable than its aspect i.e. placement is always more powerful than aspect.

Do I really need to say anything more about the power of Mars in 2nd house?

Thanks for reading this article.