Shukla Paksha DASHMI-the MOST auspicious tithi

Friends, first of all, I welcome you all in my 118th article and just like all my previous articles, your friend Nikhil assures you that after going through this article, you will automatically realize that you have never ever read anything like this before.

Just by reading the title of this article, you may be wondering that how can Nikhil say that the tithi of Shukla Paksha Dashmi is the most auspicious one, as every tithi has some or the other good qualities or attributes associated with it. After all, Bhagwan Ram was born on Shukla Paksha Navami, Bhagwan Krishna was born on Krishna Paksha Ashtami. So dear friends, please understand that here I am only talking about “TITHI” IN ISOLATION, I am not considering any other factor, planets in the birth charts of Bhagwan Ram, Bhagwan Krishna were way too powerful or simply beyond our contemplation or imagination. In Astrology, we have to consider 1000’s of factors to conclude that how much power a particular birth chart has. Therefore only read this article with the mindset that I am ONLY talking about the concept of TITHI and not taking any other factor into consideration.

Now, many of you may say that ok Nikhil, we understand that you are only talking about the concept of Tithi but still what’s so special about the tithi of Shukla Paksha Dashmi that you are dedicating a complete article on it ? So before coming to the reasoning part, let me present few facts in front of your eyes.

In the ancient times of Mahabharata:

  • Pandav Yudhishthira was made Crown-Prince on Shubhakrit (lunar year) Ashwayuja (lunar month), on the Shukla Paksha Dashmi. This was on 20th July 3198 BC
  • Princess Draupadi’s Swayamvaram took place on Sadhrana (lunar year) Pausha (lunar month) on the Shukla Paksha Dashmi. This was on 17th Oct 3190 BC
  • Pandav Yudhisthira was coronated on Pingala (lunar year) Ashwayuja (lunar month) on the Shukla Paksha Dashmi. This was on 02nd Aug 3183 BC
  • Pandav Arjuna married Subhadra on Pramodhoota (lunar year) Vaishakh (lunar month) on the Shukla Paksha Dashmi. This was on 12th Feb 3170 BC.
  • Panadavas entered Mayasabha on Prajopatthi (lunar year) Ashwayuja (lunar month) on the Shukla Paksha Dashmi. This was on 29th July 3169 BC.
  • Pandavas Ruled Indraprastha for 16 years, upto Shukla Paksha Dashmi of Sarvajit (lunar year) Ashwayuja (lunar month). This was till 01st Aug 3153 BC
  • Pandavas stayed in Hastinapur for 13 years from Sarvadhari (lunar year) Vaishakha (lunar month) Shukla Paksha Dashmi till Plava (lunar year) Vaishakha (lunar month), on the Shukla Paksha Dashmi. They learnt archery under Dronacharya.
  • King Drupada taken captive and Fight with Drupada went on from Plava (lunar year) Vaishakha (lunar month) Dark 5th day for a period till Shubhakrit (lunar year) Bhadrapada (lunar month) on the Shukla Paksha Dashmi.

So, friends, now, you all must be realizing that there is definitely something very mysterious as well as auspicious about this tithi of Shukla Paksha Dashmi, that not 1, not 2, not 3 but most of the important and auspicious events like that of a Marriage, Coronation, Swayamvaram, entering Mayasabha, entry and exit w.r.t Hastinapur, capturing an enemy, ending the rule of a kingdom, was deliberately chosen to be done on the SHUKLA PAKSH DASHMI.

Please understand that Astrologers in those ancient times were far more LEARNED, ACCURATE and ADVANCED. Top Astrologers in the last few hundred years are not even 1% of the Astrologers of those times. Therefore, if so many major events were deliberately planned on the SHUKLA PAKSH DASHMI, there must be something very unique associated with this tithi.

I know, I know, you all must be thinking that Nikhil come on, stop raising the level of our curiosity and please tell us the reason behind all this. Yes, my friends, but as you all know, that’s my way of grabbing your attention before the climax.

So, now, let’s come to the reasoning part for which I am writing this article.

Friends, when we look at the sky, the size of the Sun and Moon looks quite similar but do you know why the apparent sizes of Sun and Moon in the Earth’s sky are about the same, even though there is huge difference between the sizes of the Sun and the Moon?

This is because; Sun and Moon both are having approximately the same ratio between their diameters and their distances to Earth. In short, the distance of Earth from the Sun, is approximately 108 times the diameter of the Sun. Further, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is also approximately 108 times the diameter of the Moon.

Indeed this is the reason why total solar eclipses are possible and the apparent sizes of Sun and Moon in the Earth’s sky are about the same.

This fact alone is enough to make you realize the importance of the Number 108 and its association with the Sun and Moon. Indeed the significance of the number of 108 does not end here.

  • In Tantra, it is estimated that every day we breathe 21,600 times out of which 10,800 are solar energy and 10,800 are lunar energy. 108 times 100 is 10,800 and 10,800 times 2 is 21,600.
  • According to Ayurveda, there are 108 pressure points in the body, where consciousness and flesh intersect to give life to the living being.
  • As per Indian culture, there are 108 desires, 108 evils while most of the Gods are having 108 names.
  • Sanskrit is considered to be as the most scientific language. There are 54 letters in Sanskrit and each letter has feminine (Shakti) and Masculine (Shiva) energies (54 times 2 = 108).
  • In Vedic astrology, there are 12 houses and 9 planets. 12 times 9 equals 108. Also there are 27 nakshatras and each nakshatra has 4 padas, 27 times 4 equals 108.
  • There are 108 Puranas and 108 Upanishads.
  • Number of years associated with each yuga is also strongly associated with the number 108, please read this article of mine.

There are 100’s of other facts which casts light on the importance of the number 108. You may just search the Google for the same.

Yes friends, I perfectly realize that this article is about the importance of SHUKLA PAKSHA DASHMI and you all must be asking that Nikhil, why did you suddenly and abruptly started taking about the Sun, Moon and the number 108 ?

Well, you all very well know that your friend Nikhil, do not do anything suddenly and abruptly. Though, intelligent people must have already understood the fact which I will now be revealing.

So here comes the REVELATION for which I have written this article.

Just with the start of SHUKLA PAKSHA DASHMI, Moon is exactly 108 degrees ahead of the Sun. Go and check yourself through any Astrological software which you have. In the Initial 2 hours of every Shukla Paksha Dashmi, this 108 degree gap is maintained between Sun and Moon. Therefore initial 2 hours of every Shukla Paksha Dashmi are considered to be very auspicious. This is more so because Shukla paksha is considered more auspicious than the Krishna Paksha. Lastly, as I mentioned before too, that this article is only about the concept of tithi in ISOLATION, BUT tithi alone can never be the deciding factor w.r.t estimation of overall auspiciousness status of any horoscope or birth chart.

Hope you all would have enjoyed reading this article.