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Nikhil Gupta (born 02nd Nov 1984, Delhi, India) is a world renowned Indian Astrologer, Palmist, Face Reader, numerologist, Handwriting Reader and Vastu Shastra Expert.  Nikhil is the very FIRST recipient of the most prestigious Astrology Award in India which is a Times group initiative, Speaking Tree, GOOD KARMA ASTRO-GOLD AWARD. (The Award was presented to him by Mr Jackie Shroff)

Nikhil Gupta is a son of a well known Indian author, columnist Dr Uttam Gupta,  who is an expert on a wide range of subjects like fertilizers; Oil & Gas; Power; IPR; Agriculture: Crop Protection etc. Over 3 decades, Uttam Gupta has published more than 900 articles in Indian national newspapers viz., Financial Express, Economic Times, Business line, Business Standard, Indian express, Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, Pioneer, Observer of Business & Politics. For details, please refer this website: https://www.uttamgupta.com

By LORD’s GRACE On 29th Dec 2018, Nikhil made a very detailed prediction about honorable Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modiji’s winning 2019 Lok Sabha Elections with thumping or massive majority (specifically quoting MORE THAN 300 seats for BJP ALONE) which turned out to be 100% ACCURATE. He also predicted record number of seats for BJP in West Bengal, Orissa and Karnataka which again turned out to be absolutely accurate. Nobody was expecting that BJP can win so many seats in Bengal or Orissa. Nikhil didn’t even stopped there, he even correctly predicted that Mahaghatbandan of SP-BSP in Uttar pradesh, will NOT be able to dent BJP’s victory, when the whole world (Astrologers, media Channels, Surveys) was expecting BJP to loose at least 30-40 seats because of Mahaghatbandhan in Uttar pradesh. Everybody was skeptical about BJP’s win, especially in Dec 2018 when BJP lost assembly elections of 3 states namely Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh on 11th Dec 2018. In that month of dec 2018, Nikhil also predicted that in these 3 states, BJP will be winning with majority and may only lose 2-3 lok sabha seats which again proved to be extremely correct, as BJP lost only 2 seats in Chattisgarh and 1 in Madhya Pradesh, rest all other seats in all these 3 states were won by BJP. Link of the Video (which is there on his you tube channel) through which he made all these predictions is given below:

Frankly speaking NO Astrologer and surveys ever contemplated what Nikhil Predicted in Dec 2018 i.e. 5 months before actual results came.

By LORD’s GRACE On 11th Jan 2022, Nikhil made a very detailed prediction about the honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath ji winning the UP state election of 2022 with a thumping or massive majority which again turned out to be 100% ACCURATE. This prediction becomes even more relevant as in the last 37 years; no party was able to retain its power for the 2nd time in Uttar Pradesh. Link of the Video (which is there on his youtube channel) through which he made this prediction is given below:

He is the author of 114 conceptual articles on astrology and other occult subjects which can be found on his website “www.nikhilastroworld.com”. Many of his Videos can also be seen on his YouTube Channel which he has launched very recently. Big Media Houses like Danik bhaskar (DB) Digital, UC web Media and Daily Motion also runs his Videos on their platforms.

Nikhil is known for his worldwide popularity in the field of astrology. He has already got maximum visibility on internet as compared to any other astrologer in the world, through this website and his largest active discussion network (in terms of membership and quality discussion) w.r.t various occult subjects namely Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Face Reading, Handwriting reading and Dream Reading on sites like Facebook. Nikhil is already rated in world’s top 10 Astrologers and is considered as the most sought after Astrologer on social networking sites especially on Facebook with a huge following. He was also on the panel of ‘Celebrity Astrologers’ on one of the most popular Astrology Website in India, i.e. www.astrospeak.com for 2 years i.e. from 2016-2018. His uniquely written Occult articles and researches especially on Vedic Astrology, have got maximum readership as compared any other Astrological website on Internet. 100’s of people joins his discussion network on facebook EVERY MONTH and more than a lakh visitors reads his articles on his various platforms collectively, ANNUALLY.

Nikhil also controls the largest discussion platforms on whole internet on the topics like, Palmistry, dream Reading, face Reading, Numerology and Handwriting Reading on facebook. The collective memberships of all these platforms is already above 1,50,000 unique people.

Many of Nikhil’s occult articles get their space on the very first page in the Google search results. For instance merely typing popular astrology Key words like “Cusp chart” or “Navamsa chart”, “Raj Yogas”, “D-60 chart”, “D-108 chart”, “Nadi Astrology marriage”, “Neechbhang Raj Yoga”, “Pushkar Navamsa” etc, on Google search engine, will straight away give you the links of Nikhil’s articles on the very 1st page, out of lakhs and crores of search results.

In other words, Nikhil has clearly singlehandedly placed all of Ancient India’s occult subjects on global platforms. On Internet hardly any other Astrologer could even contemplate to match the feat which Nikhil has already achieved, since all of the facts mentioned above have given him the worldwide reach amongst millions of astrology enthusiasts.

Through his researches on How to determine conception time, astrologically, How to see the next birth,astrologically,Correct usage of Shatyamsa chart (D-60) and Moola dasha and in many other areas,he has already made a significant contribution to Indian Astrology.

Nikhil’s research on including the concepts of Geometry within the scope and application of Astrological tools is a constructive step towards the development of rational scientific thinking as a whole. His work on determining the time of conception astrologically has the potential to refine the results of existing methods like Naegele’s Rule. He has lately merged the concepts of Astrology with Numerology and developed 3 numerology methods(Time method, Number method and year Method )which provides predictions more logical and accurate basis. Nikhil has also made a significant contribution to the completely unexplored areas of Astrology, through his researches on How to see the next birth-Astrologically, Correct usage of Shatyamsa chart (D-60) and Moola dasha and in many other areas.

Nikhil was first exposed to core Astrology, when he got hold of an old astrological book while he was there at the residence of his maternal grandfather in the summers of 2004. The father of his Maternal Grandfather used to study astrology.

Nikhil is also well versed in the fields of Singing and Poetry

Recently he has launched his music video, both sung and written by him. The song/video has got a great response in the music industry.

Educational Background

Nikhil Gupta Holds an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communication(4 Year full time course) and an MBA in Marketing(2 year full time course). He has also worked in a world’s no 1 consultancy firm, PwC For 1 year (June 2007-June 2008).

Predictive Abilities

Nikhil has been extremely accurate in his analysis w.r.t to his predictions related to individual horoscopy. He employs the techniques advocated by Rishi Parashara and Jaimini. He also holds a great degree of command in Nadi Astrology.

Research Work & Future Projects

1) Nikhil through his research work have discovered a method to determine the conception time astrologically, the results of which are even accurate than Naegele’s Rule.

Benefits of conception chart

a) To detect various kind of pregnancies complications and take necessary precautions for the benefit of the mother, child and society as a whole.

b) Accurate dating of pregnancy is important, because it is used in calculating the results of various prenatal tests, for example, in the triple test. A decision may be made to induce labor if a fetus is perceived to be overdue. Furthermore, if LMP and ultrasound dating predict different respective due dates, with the latter being later, this might signify slowed fetal growth and therefore require closer review.

c) To have a detailed sketch of the whole life pattern of the native’s life and fortune just like the birth chart.

d) To determine the detailed character and personality of the unborn native or who would be born after 9 months (ideally).

2) He has also given a detailed research writing of D-108(number)(Ashtottaramsa) chart to determine the details related to the future birth of the native, the least known topic in Vedic Astrology.

3) Apart from the above researches, Nikhil is also carrying out extensive research work (since past many years) on how to determine the occurrence of the natural disasters in advance. To employ and execute the applicability of this research, he also intend to form a body which could assist the National Disaster management of India in taking preventive measures in case of a possibility of such an event. This research has the potential to save billions of lives worldwide.

Astrological Writings and Works:

Nikhil has written numerous astrological articles which are present on his website and forums:

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Nikhil is married and lives with his Parents, spouse and a kid in Delhi