Venus gives the “Best Results” in the 1st house

In this article we will try to understand that why Venus give its best results in the 1st house.

Please Note, this planetary house placement has to be taken as per the Cusp or KP chart, not lagan chart, now why am I using cusp chart, to understand that you must read my article on cusp chart.

Here is the link: CUSP or KP CHART(Placidus System)

Anyways coming back to the topic:

See, Venus is not only the 2nd most benefic planet after Jupiter but is also a planet of all worldly knowledge and worldly wisdom.

Remember, In the other article, I had explained that how Jupiter gives its best results in the 1st house by providing or imparting Divine knowledge, Divine wisdom to the native and that too in a best possible manner that is through self-study, self-analysis and self-introspection.

Now please note that in case of Jupiter, I am using the word “Divine” along with the words knowledge & wisdom and in case of Venus, I am using the word “worldly” along with the words knowledge & wisdom

In short, all the knowledge which is needed by us to sustain or survive in this world is governed by Venus, i.e. knowledge and wisdom associated with love, relationships, all forms of arts, money, technology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, law, medical, any subject which you can think off, all sciences everything falls under Venus.

I know, you all must be thinking, that Nikhil, if all knowledge falls under Venus then what does other planets stands for.

See understand like this, when we talk of planets, there are only 2 planets who have the stature of teacher or guru and they are Jupiter and Venus. This does not mean that other planets does not have any knowledge, but it only means that only Jupiter and Venus are permitted to impart you knowledge and wisdom on worldly and divine levels.

Saturn though has all the knowledge which Jupiter and Venus have, but his role is only to give final Judgment in the lives of humans. Saturn is not here to play the role of a teacher. He is the Justice maker.

Sun also has all the knowledge which Jupiter and Venus have, but his role is only to rule or play the role of a king in the lives of humans. Sun is also not here to play the role of a teacher.

Mercury only provides intellect to humans; you can use that intelligence for any purpose you like.

Mars only provides logic, energy etc to humans; you can use that logic, energy for any purpose you like.

Moon only represent your mind, imagination, you can use that mind, imagination for any purpose you like.

Crux of the matter is whatever knowledge you want to acquire, that can be given to you either by Jupiter or Venus as they are the ONLY OFFICIAL teachers.

Basically, I wish to mention that all worldly knowledge in any area or any field falls primarily under the scope of Venus, but if the person wants to gain complete command over that knowledge, then completion is never possible without the involvement of the divine. Hence last stages of learning in any field i.e. stages when person realizes the presence of divine in that subject, falls under the scope Jupiter and that is why Jupiter is Dev Guru i.e. teacher of gods and Venus is guru of auras or rakshasas or you can say teacher of mortals.

Here you also need to understand that no learning or knowledge in this world is complete unless it is gained through, self-analysis or self-introspection. Even if the world’s best teacher imparts you some knowledge, still you will never be able to use that knowledge efficiently unless you yourself have practiced those concepts/rules. Crux of the matter is, if you wish to master any knowledge or vidhya, then you need to link your SELF with that knowledge through self-study.

Now 1st house simply represent your own self, hence Venus here will impart all his worldly knowledge and wisdom through self-analysis. As a result the person is not only knowledgeable but can also use that knowledge efficiently because of self-analysis or swadhyae. Of course holistic analysis of chart is essential before giving any prediction.

You all also must be thinking, that why Nikhil is not talking anything about the sign which Venus should occupy, so friends if Venus happens to occupy its exaltation or own or friendly signs then obviously that would be an added advantage BUT you all must keep 1 point very clearly in your mind, i.e. BHAVA PLACEMENT of a PLANET HOLDS MUCH more importance than any other factor in Astrology and that is why I am discussing house placement here instead of discussing Venus effect in 12 different signs.

Here, for your information, people like Emperor Akbar, Emperor Ashoka, Great Genghiz khan, Queen Elizabeth, Emperor Vikramaditya, Emperor Qianlong, King Muhammad Ali Pasha, Sultan of Brunei Mr Hassan Bolkiah, Royal Al waleed bin talal, emperor Kublai Khan and many other top notch leaders, kings, emperors have their Venus placed in the 1st house as per the cusp chart. Also refer this article:Features of GREAT emperor Birth chart or horoscope

Lastly the placement of Venus in the 1st house is more desirable than its aspect i.e. placement is always more powerful than aspect.

Do I really need to say anything more about the power of Venus in 1st house?

Thanks for reading this article.