Karmas (Actions) or Destiny- which is more powerful ?

Many people argue that if everything is fixed as per Destiny or planets, then what’s the importance of doing good deeds or karmas or actions etc in our life.

So dear all please Remember:

Destiny is fixed since its defined on the basis of your past karmas (deeds or actions), NO remedies whatsoever can change it.

If somebody claims to change your destiny through any remedy, then he is simply fooling you.

BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT, your friend Nikhil has to say something deep and subtle.

Through karmas or actions or remedies or name of GOD. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR THOUGHTS POSITIVE.

So if your death has come, then no body on this earth can save you from dying but if you will try then, you can choose to die happily.

Hence, NO alterations are possible as far as EXTERNAL events are concerned.

BUT your ATTITUDE and PERCEPTION towards those external events can be refined through karmas or actions or remedies or name of GOD.

IN other words INTERNAL EVENTS can be changed but external events cannot be altered since they are controlled by planets or destiny or your past karmas. Also refer these 2 articles:

Hope you all would have understood the difference between Internal and external events.

These Internal events only SKETCH the CHANGES in YOUR NEXT LIFE to a major extent.

SO KARMA’S or DOING GOOD DEEDS IS OF utmost importance to shape your thoughts with the mud of positivity.

and DESTINY or your past karmas (actions) is of utmost importance w.r.t each external event which happens or occur or take place in your life.

So take these words of your friend Nikhil very straight and always remain eager to execute good deeds in life. You will surely feel better and happy. So simple.

A deeper view on Internal dynamics:

If internal events or our thought process is also fixed to the root. Then there will never be NO scope for improvement for anybody. NOW READ MY words VERY VERY carefully.

Suppose as per destiny a person has to face some problem for few seconds in every hour of the day.

1 hour has 60 minutes and 1 minute has 60 seconds. So 1 hour has 3600 seconds
So in the above example suppose for 5 seconds a person faces some issue/problem, this 5 second

problem in 1 hour is HIS DESTINY, in this 5 seconds even his internal events would be controlled BY DESTINY.

BUT BUT, what about those 3595 seconds, in which destiny has given no problem to that person.

A normal person will keep thinking about his problem even in those 3595 seconds and hence will lose the happiness of “No problem state of those 3595 seconds”.

Now why this happens, why that person is not able to notice that “No problem state of those 3595 seconds”, BECAUSE he has not practiced meditation or sadhna. If he would have practiced to observe each and every second of his life through practice of karma (like singing, or dancing or running or painting or any work), then he would be able to NOTICE that 3595 seconds

As a result those 3595 seconds would be sufficient enough to defeat the negativity of those 5 seconds. BUT what happens is reverse. 5 seconds negativity on account of destiny defeats those 3595 seconds

This is what I call understanding internal dynamics of thoughts.

The DAY YOU WILL LEARN TO LIVE LIFE in seconds, the same day, even after having BAD 5 seconds every hour due to destiny, you will be able to remain calm and in peace for the rest of the time.

THIS IS THE WAY moksha or enlightenment is achieved

BUT WHAT PREVENTS us to live in seconds, is “Kaam (passion), krodh (anger), lobh(want) , moh (attraction), irshya (jealousy)”. That’s why we say that these things can be curbed through the name of god or remedies.

Once these 5 enemies vanishes, you can live life in seconds and at that stage even after being in control of destiny you can remain detached from destiny through controlling your internal dynamics of thoughts.

If you can learn to reduce your inhalation & exhalation to 108 times in a day from 21600 times in a day. You will be in 1 one with god. You will be live for 1000’s of years, you will be beyond time and moksha or enlightenment will happen to you.

Even Astrologically we can go up to Prana and deha dasha , but even deha dasha lasts for few hours, SO WILL EACH SECOND for those few hours BE SAME.

NO, each second is different which you cannot even trace from Astrology. Hence Internal dynamics of thoughts can go even beyond astrology and that’s where god resides, i.e. beyond time. Also read: Dharma and Astrology

TRICK lies in living in seconds and for that great practice of meditation is needed.

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