Till date by God’s grace, I have written many articles on Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Face reading, Numerology and Vastu etc, but now on the orders of that almighty I wish and I really desire to write on this most relevant topic. You may not feel the intensity of the these two words ‘most relevant’ right now but just after 20-30 minutes you will definitely realize the state of my mind when I was writing this sentence.

So, I would humbly request each one of you to read this write up till the very end with full concentration, as this article have the power to completely change the direction of your thinking and your entire attitude towards life. You may belong to any caste, any religion, any background or any part of the world but if you will read this write up with all your energies focused in one direction, take my words, some following paragraphs will not leave your mind till your last breadth and some words may even follow you after your death.

So here I begin on the wish of God.

This world is full of knowledge, wherever you will cast your eyes, knowledge would be waiting for you.

A cricketer finds the knowledge in the unlimited tricks of batting, fielding and bowling.

A painter discovers knowledge in the perfect strokes of his brush.

A dancer realizes knowledge in the smoothness and clarity of his moves/steps.

A singer sees knowledge in the notes of his songs.

A cook keeps on searching new recipes and that’s knowledge for him.

A historian wants to learn from past events of the world.

A space scientist tries to extract knowledge from this whole universe.

A Biologist may accumulate knowledge from various plants, leaves and trees around.

A mathematician believes that numbers holds all the knowledge.

A farmer seeks knowledge in producing various varieties of eatable products.

A technician may enjoy his machines as all his learning comes from machines.

A doctor can get fascinated with human body and develop knowledge for curing it with the help various methods and medicines.

In other words knowledge is everywhere and has its importance or relevance in every form.

Now let me raise a question first: do all the forms of knowledge have equal importance?

I know your answers; many of you will say that, yes each form of knowledge has its own importance in a particular circumstance. For instance if a baby is crying then even the knowledge of the method which could make him stop crying is crucial isn’t. If a mosquito is troubling you, then the knowledge to silently kill him is also very important. Don’t laugh dear, I am serious. You know every thing has knowledge.

Anyways jokes apart, sincerely speaking KNOWLEDGE ALSO CAN BE DIVIDED into its importance levels.

Now, some of your burning eyes must be asking me, that knowledge is knowledge, why the hell are you searching superiority levels in that. Every form of knowledge is precious in its own dimension. Yes true, agreed but I am talking of a supreme knowledge which has no single dimension and is applicable in all possible dimensions or the knowledge which is universal. Come what may, the authenticity and applicability of that supreme knowledge will always remain untouched.

If still things are not clear, so dear all just pardon me that I challenged your hard established thoughts, but soon you will understand what exactly I mean.

Some of you must be shaking their heads in symphony with my thoughts, saying that Nikhil is right and we know what he wants to say.

After all, if a doctor saves someone’s life through his medical studies then this knowledge is much more superior that the knowledge of growing different varieties of tea in a tea garden just to excite the taste buds of people.

The people who are thinking in this manner are also right, but I intend to communicate you something deeper, interesting and fascinating.

See, the best scientists of the world, are always in search of the answers to the questions like “from where have we come”, “Does life exist anywhere else in the universe apart from earth”, “which are the rules which govern this universe”, “can we know our future by studying universe” etc.

In quest of establishing proper reasoning w.r.t above questions, scientists take the support of the concepts like dark energy, black hole, big bang explosion bla bla. Some of their theories find some basis in a special context but most of their theories surrender their hands in front of the secrets of the universe.

In any case, the universe always wins the race and tell these so called scientists, that look you will not be able to understand me completely even in the next 100000 years but if you really wish to know me quickly and if you really desire to have your hand on all my secrets then the first thing which you need to know is MY MASTER.

Now some of you must have got the hint of where exactly I was hinting, yes I am definitely hinting towards God, but dear all, don’t stop reading till here assuming that we already know all this stuff. Always remember that knowing something and really feeling something are two very different things. Can you know your lover completely without understanding each of his/her emotions, no? The same is applicable with God (supreme consciousness), knowing him and understanding him with feelings are 2 different extremes. Ok let’s not waste more time on this and let’s continue.

UNIVERSE SAYS to these scientists, that Without knowing my master, no one could ever understand my limits as I am limitless just like my master, I don’t have a origin just like my master, I was never born hence will never die, just like my master, I exist inside my master and my master also resides in me. So dear scientists, do not try to search my origin as you will never find it, do not try to cross my limits through the most expensive spaceships, as I don’t have limits. You will only fall short of spaceships but I will never end.

Hence here I come up with the most important or supreme knowledge, which is GOD, a sense of supreme soul, the master of universe and we the souls who are part of God but are still distinct from GOD. In Indian or vedic texts these two concepts are termed as the greatest knowledge of Atma [soul or (supreme consciousness)]and parmatma (supreme soul).

Every form of knowledge which you all can see, feel and hear around is all waste and has no significance unless those forms of knowledge gets merged or gets identified with the concepts of soul and supreme soul who is the master of this universe.

This sentence may sound theoretical to you people (especially Indians) as you all must have heard this Lakhs of times in your life, so let me give it a practical angle, so that you all can really feel this sentence. You see as I mentioned above all is waste without feelings.

To understand/feel this, suppose you are a quantum physics scientist, after taking all the principles of quantum physics in account and after your own life time analysis, you realized and reached to a conclusion that, it is physically impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time. The more precisely one is known, the less precise the measurement of the other is.

The whole science world knows this concept & attached limitation.

 In other words, No quantum phenomenon is a phenomenon until is observed in a communicable form by a conscious observer.  For example, a photon exists both as a wave and as a particle, but the individual property of a wave or a particle becomes manifest only when it is observed. 

The point I am making is though the quantum science has reached till the level of wave and particle but still relies on the rule which in itself has limitation. Even after so many researches they cannot explain the fact that WHY INDIVIDUAL PROPERTY of a wave or a particle becomes manifested only when it is observed, why only one (out of wave and particle) can be observed at a time, though we know that both wave and particle exist. Like these many questions exist.

So in other words, you may dive as much deep as you can in ANY FIELD (for instance in this case we dived deep into quantum physics), you may expand your knowledge as much as you can, but finally at the end you would find yourself stuck.

None of your explanations will take you beyond that available knowledge unless and until you are aware of the concepts like soul, consciousness, supreme soul (supreme consciousness) or god.

Every living being has emotions and feelings, even species of birds, animals, insects etc also have emotions. Human beings are above all the species on earth just because we are the most advanced ones when it comes to feelings.

Unfortunately the place from where feelings and emotions starts; the modern science ends over there, Modern science leave all its wings and take the minute shape psychology when it comes to feelings. NO SCIENTIFIC concept on earth can define or give the reasoning of why every species have emotions and feeling and that too such a wide variety or controlled and uncontrolled feelings as well as emotions.

In other words Science bends its feet in front of the most visible and distinct quality of every species which are feelings and emotions.

That’s what I call, being bounded by 1 % of knowledge and leaving 99% of it unexplored.

Concept of God or supreme soul or super conscious, soul (consciousness), will only enable scientists to completely discover universe, but due to their ignorance, ego and rigid attitude, scientists choose to find their reasoning in the lap of ridiculous theories like “chaos theory”, which say everything happens by chance. How stupid.

Anyways, the above mentioned example of quantum physics may have been a bit tough for most of you to understand, so let me take a simpler example, there are many forms of martial arts in the world and those who deal with arts of defense are very much aware about a term called “CHI energy”. It has been proved scientifically that some martial artists can bear an onslaught of an extremely dangerous sharp weapon used on them with full throttle on the most vulnerable part of their body i.e. neck nerve and even after that attack, nothing happens to their neck. Considering the fact that no physical exercise can strength that area & nerve, when a same attack was being experimented on a false caricature of a human body, then it was found that the neck got separated from the body.

An unhurt martial artist gave the credit to something called Chi energy, they told the observing scientists that they have developed an energy called chi energy which when directed towards any body part, then that chi energy would simply protect an attacked body part(in this case neck). Obviously observing scientists found nothing like chi energy through their most modern equipment. It seems that scientists can think nothing beyond some mechanical equipment.

You may choose any subject, keep on doing research all your life but finally, your logic would fail to acknowledge that last reality as for the journey beyond that you need to have the vehicle of soul(conscious) and supreme soul(supreme conscious).

In fact all over the world regularly there have been cases of wandering souls, ghosts etc, there have been unlimited number of proofs of their attacks or presence, but science again have no answer to these supernatural phenomenon.

As soon as you know the existence of soul and supreme soul, you would also be able push all the stuck concepts through the rope of consciousness and supreme consciousness or supreme knowledge.

Consciousness is not something that comes about merely though the functioning of neural connections in the brain but is one of the basic characteristic of soul (supreme consciousness).  The role of the human nervous system is to provide an appropriate material structure to individualize consciousness.  In other words, our body is just a tuner of the all-pervading field of cosmic awareness.

Unfortunately modern science does not acknowledge the presence of soul and supreme soul (God) as a result the journey of modern science will never reach its destination. Unless science will lift itself from materialistic observations, they would never be able to reveal the complete secrets of nature and universe, as for that supreme knowledge or consciousness is essential.

 Now coming back to our topic of Supreme knowledge and to the concepts for which I have written this write up.

In this world, there are 3 concepts, which if known by the human being then all the knowledge of universe will come and dance in his lap and if these 3 concepts are not known then all the pervading knowledge which can be imagined, felt or seen becomes useless or simply have a temporary existence.

1)      There is one God or Supreme soul (supreme consciousness) who controls all the dynamics happening in this untamed universe.

2)      We are none other than a soul (supreme consciousness), which changes its body just like clothes and its path is dependent on the karma (action) which it does when it wears a body. This soul is a part of that supreme soul but is not the supreme soul itself. Since it is the part of that supreme soul, hence can never be destroyed by anything in this universe. The final purpose of the soul is to get merged with that supreme soul; hence a soul will continue its journey in the form of Life, unless it gets free from the results of all its karma (actions). To achieve this feat, the name of the God and his remembrance is the only option.

3)      Bhakti, that is to completely surrender our ego or I onto the feet of that Supreme Being.

Since Astrology helps the soul to understand and keep the track of the Karma cycle hence, Astrology is the greatest knowledge after the above mentioned 3 concepts.