GREAT Raj Yogas

We all know that both Jupiter and Venus are regarded as Great Gurus. Jupiter is the guru of Devtas and Venus is the guru of Asuras. Therefore in Vedic Astrology both of them are considered as first rate benefics. It is for this very reason, the presence of these 2 great benefics in their full strength in quadrants (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses as per the cusp chart) is the single most desired concept in Vedic Astrology. 60% strength of all possible Raj yogas comes from Jupiter and Venus only, especially when both these planets occupies quadrants as per the cusp chart. Now, why your friend Nikhil is making such a tall claim ? Well for that, please go through the list of most powerful Raj Yogas of Vedic Astrology and assess yourself the reasoning behind my claim.


  1. If the Full Moon is in her exaltation Rashi, or in own Rashi, or in own Navamsa, while Jupiter posited in an Angle is in aspect to Venus, the native becomes a great emperor provided the Sun is in the Ascendant with strength identical with his own House.
  2. Adhi Raj Yoga: Strong Jupiter in exaltation in the ascendant, strong Venus in the 7th, malefics in the 3rd, 6th and 11th and the rest of the planets in the 12th and the 2nd cause what is called Adhi Raja Yoga. Even a person of base birth with this yoga will lord over the entire earth.
  3. If the Moon or its depositor is in the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th counted from the Moon herself or from Lagan, one born so will become a ruler comparable to Lord Indra provided all malefics are functional benefics and benefics be in Angles identical with Rashis owned by benefics. Alternatively, these benefics instead of falling in such Rashis may be in such Navamsas ruled by benefics.
  4. Even a villager will become a king, if he has Saturn in the Ascendant and Jupiter in the 7th, one of them being in aspect to Venus.
  5. If Venus with enormous strength is in the natal ascendant (close to the cusp beginning) and occupies his own Navamsa, while Mercury is in aspect to Saturn, and Jupiter is found in the 5th house from the ascendant, the person will “rule the earth”, endowed with elephants, and will eliminate his enemies with his own power.
  6. If Venus is in the Ascendant in aspect to Mercury and Saturn, while Jupiter is in the 5th, the native will become an emperor. However, the said Venus should be strong and in his own Navamsa simultaneously.
  7. One will be a king with immeasurable fame if Jupiter is in an angle in union with the Moon and be in aspect to Venus.
  8. The native will doubtless become a king, if Venus rises in a Rashi of Jupiter in aspect to Jupiter himself, while Mercury is in exaltation.
  9. If Venus is in aspect to Jupiter, the native will become a valorous king possessing many elephants.
  10. Venus in the Ascendant, Jupiter in Sagittarius with friendly aspect and the Moon in Cancer: this group of heavenly bodies will make one a king, who will construct wells, tanks and temples and will honor Brahmins and Gods.
  11. For Scorpio Ascendant, should Venus be in trine from the ascendant, Jupiter in the 2nd or the 6th and moon is free from malefic conjunction, the subject will have a pure history, be ever considerate, helpful to others, passionate and famous in the world
  12. If Venus at birth is aspected by Jupiter the subject will be equal to the King of Snakes (i.e. Adi Sesha, the bed of Lord Vishnu)
  13. Should the Moon and Jupiter be in an Angle from the Ascendant in aspect to Venus, the native will become a king with wide spread fame provided there is no debilitated planet in the nativity.
  14. Saturn in the 11th, Jupiter with Venus in the Ascendant, the Moon in the 10th, the Sun in the 4th, Mercury in the 2nd along with Mars: this configuration will make one a king endowed with vast Army, wealth and conveyances.
  15. If Jupiter and Venus are in their exaltation Signs, or in their own Houses a person belonging to royal scion will surely become a king. But one of these two Signs should be one of Angles, 9th, 2nd and 11th Houses.
  16. If Jupiter and Venus together occupy Pisces, while the Full Moon is exalted (in Amsa), as the Sun occupies Aries in aspect to a malefic planet, the native will become a king and the dust emanating, as a consequence of the movements of his Army will cloud the Sun, so that the lotus will close its petals due to misconception of the sun having set.
  17. Should the 2nd House be occupied by both Jupiter and Venus, one will become a king, who will overpower his enemies.
  18. If Jupiter is exalted and is simultaneously in an Angle, while Venus occupies the 10th, the subject will be a famous king, lording over the entire earth.
  19. Amsavatra Raj Yoga: WHEN Venus and Jupiter are in Kendra’s, the lagan must fall in a movable sign and Saturn must be exalted in Kendra. Results: Unsullied worldwide name and fame, great and versatile learning, great wealth, fond of sex pleasures passions under control, an authority of philosophy, ruler or an equal to him.
  20. Type of Bhairi Raj Yoga:  Venus and Jupiter should be in quadrants, Secondly, Venus and lagan lord should be in Kendra from Jupiter. (They should be in strength), 9th lord should also be strong. The results of Bhairi Yoga are: the native will be endowed with wealth, wife and sons. He will be a king, be famous, virtuous and endowed with good behavior, happiness and pleasures.
  21. Cancer Ascendant: Venus and Jupiter in the ascendant, Mars in the 10th, the Moon in the 2nd, Saturn in exaltation in the 4th, Mercury in the 12th and a malefic in the 7th (in Capricorn) – even one of base birth with this Yoga will be endowed with wealth and empire.
  22. If Jupiter without having any link with 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th houses and is ALONE, occupies Lagan in strength after considering all shad bal and non shad bal factors. Then this Jupiter will destroy all negative aspects in the chart (will make the native – A king) just like Sun eliminate all darkness, just like all sins are destroyed by surrendering ourselves in front of lord shiva with full faith. In place of Jupiter, Venus or Mercury would also serve the purpose but intensity of auspiciousness w.r.t Venus is 10 times lesser than that of Jupiter and auspiciousness corresponding to Mercury is 10 times lesser than that of Venus. Only condition is Venus or Mercury or Jupiter should be alone and should have full rays. If such Jupiter is placed in dhanu rashi (Sagittarius) and Dhanu lagan. All the other planets being placed in “Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn”, Then the native would lord over the whole country or nation.
  23. Shatruanjyay raj yoga: When Venus is placed in lagan, Moon in 4th house and Jupiter in 10th house (All three should be placed alone in strength after taking into account all shad bal and non shad bal factors): Native would win over an army of enemies.
  24. Maha Matsya Raj yoga mentioned in Deva keralam: Whenever Jupiter or Venus or both occupies the Rashi identical with the Navamsa rashi of 9th lord in the lagan chart, this great yog occurs. Another form of Matsya Yoga: Benefics in 9th and 1st House, mixed Planets in 5th House and malefics in 4th and 8th House: this array of Planets at birth will produce Matsya Yoga. Result: native will be an Astrologer, very Merciful, Ocean of virtues, be a king, firm in disposition, will attract females, will have a charming personality, will be endowed with good spouse, sons, intelligence and abundant wealth, will head a country or a nation.
  25. Moksha yoga: Whenever Jupiter or Venus or both are placed in the rashi which is 12th from Navamsa ascendant, identical with Lagan. The native would most certainly beget Moksha
  26. As per Nadi Astrology, Even a 100 adverse Yogas will become ineffective if Venus is placed in 11th house while Jupiter is in the 2nd house. In addition, the native will become wealthy, famous by serving a king and in the 3rd dasha particularly 2nd half, will acquire huge firm wealth, great honors and prosperous calling. Also, When Jupiter is placed in lagan and Venus is placed in 4th house with ketu in the amsa of mars, then the native will have mastery on 3 languages, highly learned, charming , an expert in drama, literature, music, a good speaker and will honor Brahmins and god.This yoga will also occur if Jupiter is placed in lagan, Venus with ketu is placed in Kendra with 4th lord.
  27. Jupiter or Venus causing amala yoga (means Gaj kesari yoga + amala yoga), will make the native honor gods and Brahmins. He will be especially devoted to lord shiva and be supreme among men of charitable disposition.
  28. Venus in Gopuramasa, Jupiter in Paravatamsa and moon again in Paravatamsa will case hari hara Brahma yoga. The native will be the ruler who will have all good qualities and will enjoy all kinds of pleasures.
  29. Another form of kalanidhi raj yoga: Laganesh should be placed in Kendra with dig bal, Jupiter and Venus should simultaneously aspect or conjunct this laganesh.
  30. If Jupiter and Venus join together in the 11th, 2nd, ascendant, 10th, 7th, 4th or the 9th which is either Cancer or Pisces, one of a royal birth will be led to rule a kingdom.