Why Satyuga has the longest span and Kalyuga the shortest?

In my previous article, I have completely eliminated the confusion surrounding the exact duration or span of each Yuga. In case you people have not read your friend Nikhil’s article on Yuga calculations, please go through the same, so that the concept of Yugas is absolutely clear in your minds.

Friends, Most of the people believe that Satyuga has the longest duration and it’s a generally accepted fact too but hardly anyone clearly knows that why exactly Satyuga has the longest and Kalyuga has the shortest span. It is because of this lack of understanding or reasoning; some people even believe that the length of yugas should be equal. It’s not that only normal people have such beliefs or perception or apprehensions, instead a few great researchers and mathematicians are also of this opinion. In short, they simply reject the arithmetic progression of 4:3:2:1 present in the span of yugas.

Anyways, after reading this article of your friend Nikhil, everyone will be crystal clear about the actual law of the nature in the context of yugas. So without wasting anytime, let’s begin with the process of understanding.

As you all know that, I always try to make things as simple as possible.

So, before providing you with the exact answers, I would request all of you to first think that on what all factors do the span or age of anything depends? I mean that just forget about Yugas for the time being, instead try to think that longevity or span or age of anything depends on what all parameters? By anything, I mean, age or span of a person, age or span of a relationship, age or span of any professional obligation like any job or business, age or span of a thing etc.

I know, I know, many of you may wonder that Nikhil, what does the age or span of a person, relationship or a professional obligation, thing etc has to do with the age or span of a Yuga?

Well, there is a very strong connection and soon you will also understand this connection. Secondly, you all very well know that in the past 2 decades, by lord’s grace, your friend Nikhil have never ever given you a shallow or a weak argument. Hence trust me and keep reading.

So let’s go step wise step.

  1. If someone really wants to increase his/her age, then what kind of a lifestyle that person should follow? Obviously, he/she must eat healthy or nutritious food on time, follow a strict exercise regime, should not take stress, maintain hygiene, take sufficient sleep, keep a positive mindset, must avoid intake of any addictive substances, humanity as a whole must protect, preserve and take care of our environment etc.
  2. Now, if someone wants to increase age or span of any relationship, then what all parameters are important? Clearly factors like commitment, faithfulness, loyalty, love, patience, compassion, respect, trust, forgiveness, transparency, honesty etc will play a crucial role.
  3. And if you wish to experience long term stability in your Job or business, then you need to remain punctual in adhering to the deadlines, must be efficient, sincere and good in your work, you need to remain honest and transparent to your organization or customers or clients, you must respect your customers or clients, colleagues as well as seniors etc
  4. Similarly, if you wish to increase age or life or span of a thing, then you must use that thing, strictly as per the user manual of the same.

In short, if you will walk on the path of dharma then age or span of a person, age or span of a relationship, age or span of any professional obligation like a any job or business, age or span of a thing etc, will automatically increase.

I have written a separate article on the concept of Dharma, where I had stated that 5 pillars of Dharma are, Love (prem), Knowledge (Gyan), Patience (dhairya), Justice (Nyaye), and Surrendering (samarpan). There, I had also mentioned that there are 6 main enemies of these 5 pillars of dharma are, Jealousy (Irshya), Anger (Krodh), Want /greed (Lobh), Attraction (Moh), Injustice (Anyaye), Passion/Lust (Kaam).

I even quoted that Compassion (Karuna), Hard work (Parishram), Meditation (Dhyan or Tap), Truth (Satya), Trust (Vishwas), supports these 5 pillars of dharma and Hatred (Ghradna), Laziness (Aalasya), Ignorance (Agyan), False (Asatya), Fear (Bhaye) tries to shake these pillars of dharma.

You may go through that article by clicking on this link but basic point here is, the more you are aligned to the path of Dharma, the more your age would be, the longer your relationships will last, the more stable your profession would be and even the things which you use in your day to day life, will give you more value.

Crux of the matter is the concept of Dharma has a direct link with concept of age or span. Both these concepts are directly proportional to each other.

Though by now, most of you must have already captured the reasoning which I wanted to put across. Still for more clarity, please keep reading as still few tricky as well as simple points’ needs your attention.

So let’s come back to the concept of Yuga span.

In Satyuga, more or less 100% of the population had good attributes associated with their personality or used to strictly follow the path of dharma. As a result, they used to live a healthy, happy, satisfied and a long life.

Just like the fortune of a country is dependent on the fortune of all the people living there. Similarly, attributes or qualities or parameters associated with any Yuga are directly dependent on the attributes or qualities or parameters associated with the people living in that Yuga.

As we move towards the Kalyuga from Satyuga (i.e. after crossing Treta and Dwapar yugas), the number of people adhering to or following the path of dharma keeps decreasing in an Arithmetic progression. As a result the life span or age of the people also keeps reducing, consequently reducing the span or age of the entire Yuga in the same progression.

From another perspective even the nomenclature of the Yuga suggests the same kind of Arithmetic progression.

For instance, the word Treta is inclusive of the number 3

The word Dwapar is inclusive of the number 2

Similarly, Kalyuga is inclusive of the number 1

You all may search the internet for the exact meaning of the above words but one common thing which you will find in the meaning of all these words are numbers 3, 2 and 1 respectively. In mythological context, these 3, 2 and 1 represent the legs of the dharma i.e. In Satyuga the dharma has 4 legs, Treta has 3 legs of dharma, in Dwapar, dharma has 2 legs and Kalyuga is standing on only 1 leg of dharma. Here you must note that these numbers does not represent the order of the yugas as the cycle goes from Satyuga to Kalyuga, i.e. Satyuga being at number 1 position and Kalyuga being at number 4. So basically, this arithmetic progression is being linked to the intensity of dharma prevalent in each yuga.

Lastly, Even after reading all this, many people may still argue that Nikhil, you know the length of the day and night is equal, length of the seasons is equal, so that’s why length of the yugas should also be equal. So if any of you are having such a mindset or perception, then please do some research and within few minutes of research you will realize that as you will move away from the equator or as you will travel to different latitudes on earth, the length of day and night will start varying. This variation could even be of many hours, so please don’t say that Nikhil, few minutes here and there do not matter. Similarly, span of the seasons like winters, summers etc can significantly vary or differ depending on your reference earth coordinates (latitude and Longitude). So nether you could say that the length of day and night are equal all over the world, nor could anyone apply the same logic on seasons. Even otherwise apples should be compared with apples not oranges. Basically, you cannot compare span of the yugas with the span of the day, night or seasons. Factors like global warming, wars etc can alter the length of the seasons, your location on earth will decide the exact length of day, night, which you will experience. Whereas, span of the yugas remains the same under any circumstance, no factor can alter it under any condition.

Anyways, I hope all of you would have followed my words. Bye and take good care of yourself.