Read your Face-Lips

In my last 2 articles, I have covered Eyes, Neck and ears now coming to Lips:

After reading this write up, you would understand that with how much perfection and planning god has manufactured all of us. Keeping every single formation in focus.

To express love, feelings, forgiveness, attraction and want, the first thing which gets activated is your lips, hence holds extreme importance. In fact it plays a huge role is defining the beauty of our face. Just Imagine How will our face look without lips, so without wasting any more time, let me just come to lips:

1)    In case of females, red, soft and symmetrical lips denote queen like status.

2)    On the contrary, rough, hard, dry, uneven and teared one belongs to a female would be a divorcee or who will loose her spouse.

3)    Uneven lips makes the native poor, dry lips which have no shine reflects financial destabilization.

4)    Red lips always show good wealth.

5)    Rosy lips with shining suggest that the native is intelligent.

6)    Thick lips make the native spiritual (again community factor and other factors (eyes, ears, neck, cheeks, forehead lines etc should be simultaneously applied before commenting anything).

7)    Longish Lips which appears to be coming out represent that the person is highly sexed.

8)    Black dot on lips, declares that person is very much interested in kissing.

9)    In case of females if the lips are thick, it suggests that she likes to fight, argue and enjoys quarrels; hence these kinds of females are not fit for maintaining Family peace.

10) If upper lip is soft watery and is coming out more when compared to lower lip, and is also bending down a bit, then it’s a sign of good fortune.

11) In case of females if the lower lip is very much elevated when compared to the upper one, it signify that she may loose her husband.

12) Shining, round, watery and soft lips gives the female, lot of love from her husband.

13) In case of females, if lips are soft, shining, clean and red or rosy then this is a very auspicious sign.

14)  Vertical line in the middle part of the lower lip is a sign of a good fortune. These kinds of people like to have different variety of foods and have good wealth.

15)  An uneven, tilted, deformed lip makes the native diseased and unfortunate.

16)  In case of females, if lips are black, thick, rough and are uneven, then declare that she will not get the love of her husband.

17)  If lips are very thin, then the person is clever, selfish, cruel, and untrustworthy and speaks very fast. He loves to speak lies.

18)  If the upper side of lower lip is bigger and if lips are red, then it makes person very wealthy and satisfied. He will not work very hard.

19)  If the upper lip is coming out, elevated when compared to the lower one then the native would be intelligent, large hearted and will be a good listener.

20) If the upper lip is longish and thin and the lower one is also thin (but thicker than the upper one) makes the person poor who will not have any work.

21) If both upper and lower lips are very thick or very thin, then it gives suffering. If upper lip is bigger and elevated (coming out) then it makes the person respectable and intelligent. On the other hand, if the lower lip is very thin and bending down, it shows that the person is highly sexed.

22)  If both the lips are close, thin, widely distributed then it makes the person thoughtful, intelligent and helpful.

23) If lips are thin, longish and lower lip is somewhat thick then the person would be a good speaker and hard working.

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