Read your Face-Eyes

Since centuries, the art of reading face is prevalent. It’s one of the oldest sciences of the human civilization. There were many practitioners of this science in India. Generally these great people were also well versed with other occult sciences like Astrology, Palmistry etc. With the passage of time this art also started dieing its own death and unfortunately enjoyed the same fate which was present in the chart of Astrology.

Modern science though has achieved a lot but is still a baby in front of all these divine sciences which it out rightly rejects on the basis of its so called rationality. People fail to understand that wisdom is the supreme rationality and can only be mastered through unshakeable faith on God. The one, who is highly successful, will say that all this is philosophy and gives importance to himself. I do this, I do that, I worked hard, I achieved. This I kill him and take him away from permanent peace. The one who is struggling in life has no time relax and to even think about these things. In other words wisdom finds no one standing in front of him.

Anyways, let’s come to the point;

Faces has many parameters attached to it and if you are able derive conclusions from every parameter, you will be in a position to know everything about the person standing in front of you, then whether that person is known or a stranger to you that is inconsequential.

So let’s start with Eyes, the most important organ of our whole body, without eyes this world is no less than a never ending night. Indeed judgment of beauty starts with the description of eyes in couplets of poets.

Anyways, I assure you that next time when you will look at the eyes of any person that would be a different experience for you all.

1)      Big eyes are a sign of good fortune, they natives will be from affluent families and success will come to them easily.

2)      Eyes which are healthy, longish, bit reddish and shining belong to Kings, ministers and people who occupy highest posts.

3)      Eyes which are Small, which does not open up fully, without any shine and are of asymmetrical shape belong to unfortunate people.

4)      Females whose eyes are red at the corners, Black cornea, and milk like white, and shining are fortunate and of good character.

5)      Round eyed and pigeon like eyed females are quarrelsome and troublesome.

6)      Risen eyes represent short life span.

7)      Females with an elephant like eyes are engrossed with lot of sorrows.

8)      Lotus eyes person is extremely fortunate, hard working, skilled, Famous, learned and courageous.

9)      A person with small and rounded eyes is cruel, not trustworthy, selfish and fool.

10)  A person with bluish eyes and small eyes indulges in bad deeds but this result should be applied directly on the European nationals where bluish eyes are very common.

11)  Big eyes with a light reddish put represent rich, impulsive, hard working and sweet tongued person.

12)  Yellowish eyes are of poor people.

13)  The person with big brinjal colored eyes makes person full of love and fortunate.

14)  Round squarish eyes makes the person a man of details.

15)  A big bluish or greenish eye gives courage to the person and light brownish eyes represent an artistic person.

16)  Person with longish and thick eye lashes is intelligent.

17)  A native who blinks his eyes a lot has a good grasping power.

18)  If the eyes of the female are quite away (more than average) from nose on both the sides, then it represent that the female is a fool and poor.

19)  On the other hand, if eyes are very close to each other, i.e. if there is hardly any gap between the nose and eyes, in case of females, makes her very clever, selfish and untrustworthy.

20)  In case of females, if the make of the eyes is such that eye sight is pointed downwards, then she keeps many secrets in her heart and could also have criminal tendencies.

21)  Female with big eyes and front eyesight is generally of good character and thoughts.

22)  If a female, while talking closes her right eye, in small intervals, does not conceive or have only 1 child. If the same happens with left eye then her character will be questionable.

23)   Healthy Big watery eyes belong to a fortunate person.

24)   If a female is healthy and still have reddish eyes then also her character will be questionable.

25)  A female with yellowish eyes, will always remain hungry for sex.

26)  If a female has thin, soft, black, high density eye lashes then she would be fortunate.

I think too much for now, in the next write up I will sequentially take Nose, lips, ears etc and then finally we will come to the Lines of forehead.

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