Read your Face-Ears and Neck

Ears and neck


In my last article, I had given the result w.r.t eyes of the person, now here I will be mentioning some rare point about our ears.

1)    Big ears represent very good fortune and people with small ears are clever and hard working.

2)    People with squarish, symmetrical kind of ears are large hearted, artist, interested in music etc and are emotional.

3)    If the ears are small and thick then it makes the person selfish, limited to his own work like a specialist, has monotonous life patterns and is very average w.r.t wealth.

4)    Small thin ears makes the person poor, indeed if the lower part of the ear is very thin, then the person may even resort to begging.

5)    An extraordinarily big ear makes the person cruel in nature.

6)    Similarly if the ears are very small then the person would be unfortunate and will do bad deeds.

7)    If the ears appear very close to forehead, then this makes the native very thoughtful. Think a lot, take the decision after putting a deep thought to that matter, that’s why delay every decision. On the other hand if this upper part of ear is quite separate from the forehead, then person is a quick decision maker, do not think that much and is hard working.

8)    If the ears are big and the lower part of ears are full of flesh and is thick then it makes the person very successful.

9)    The lower part of the any ear is very important, if it has adequate flesh and is fluffy, pumped, then it promotes wealth, success and above all gives satisfaction. On the contrary if it appears to be sucked then vice versa results should be taken. In this aspect of wealth one should also simultaneously take into account the upper part of the ear, if it is broad then its good otherwise bad for wealth.

10) In case of females, longish and simultaneously ears with clean round cuts represent a fortunate women.


1)    Strong, round and a healthy neck gives fortune and wealth.

2)    People with small neck are responsible, humorous and rich.

3)    If the nerves are visible on neck especially in childhood or teenage then it makes the person poor.

4)    If the Breadth of the neck is equivalent to 4 fingers, then its considered ideal, similarly the circumference of the neck equivalent to 24 or 26 fingers is considered auspicious.

5)    Conch shaped neck is extremely auspicious.

6)    If the shape of the neck is like that of a bull, then it gives short life span.

7)    People with Bent or tilted or uneven neck are full of bad qualities.

8)    People with Long and elevated neck experience lot of pleasures.

9)    Weak, dry and the devoid of flesh kind of a neck reflects the poor state of the person.

10) Strong and straight neck in case of females gives long life.

11) In case of females, Neck which is soft, beautiful and 4 fingers wide belongs to a fortunate woman.

12) Extraordinarily long neck signifies misfortune.

13) Obese neck in case of females brings misfortune.

14) Just below the chin of the face, In case of some people there is an elevated part on the neck, that represents great fortune for the native.

15) If 3 lines gets visible on the neck of a female when she is normally sitting or when she just turn around a little bit, then they are the mark of great wealth.

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