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Earthquake Related Mundane Astrology-Basics

Take the example of the Japan Catastrophe:

The reason behind this event is not just the position of moon but there are many many astrological factors behind this event which I am afraid to say that modern astrologers are unaware off or they do not want to disclose those facts…but today with the help of this post…I would be unveiling few of all those facts…as only then the astrologers as well the common man will understand that HOW DEEP this science ASTROLOGY is and therefore should be handled with care:

11th march 02:46pm, close to Sendai.

Panchang Indications

1) Day Friday-Kritikka nakshatra [Represent Rog YOG]

2) When Vishkumbh yog happens with Rog Yog-It leads to VISHA yog

Note the Panchang of that day.

Nakshatra Indication:

3) SATURN in HASTA nakshatra-this itself leads to Mrityu, yamghat and Rog yog simultaneously. This scenario aggravates when it coincides with Saturday weekday and that’s why 12th March was another day of catastrophe in Japan. Saturn is also approaching the end of Virgo sign which itself brings destructions worldwide.

4) Mars in shatabhisha nakshatra- This again results to Mrityu Yog and aggravates when it coincides with weekday Tuesday.

5) Lagan in Ashlesha nakshatra ruled by mercury (bhoomi tatva grah)

6) Jupiter and mercury both in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra of Saturn which is already violent by being in hasta nakshatra.

7) Venus in Shravan nakshatra that is its enemy moon’s nakshatra, this makes more sense as Venus forms the yamghat and Rog yog in other nakshatra of Moon i.e. Rohini and Kritikka so its is vulnerable in third moon nakshatra too which is Shravan.

8) Rahu in Moola nakshatra ruled by ketu which is very bad and ketu in mrigasira nakshatra ruled by mars again bad.

As per Parashar Jyotish

9) Moon exaltated in lagan chart (JAL tatva gaining bal) and since it is involved in paraivartan with Saturn in D-9. So Jal tatva (water element) is also having the full support of Vayu tatva (air element).Hence Tsunami and not only this.

10) Bhoomi tatva (earth element) Mercury is getting deliberated and getting aspected by Mars (agni-fire element), Saturn(air element) and Rahu in Navamsa chart i.e. clearly earth is losing its strength which triggered an earthquake.

11) Swarashi Jupiter placed with Mercury is giving this weak earth the support of aakash tatva (space element) which is adding fuel to the displacement of earth plates beneath Japan.

12) Sun, mars are placed in 6th and 8th from each other suggesting that Agni tatva (fire element) of sun and mars is purely against the Vayu tatva (air element) of Saturn as a result destruction from fire too in Japan.

These are only few reasons out of many others but now you can understand that there are n number of genuine reasons which makes an event to take place in a fashion it happened in Japan, full moon or extreme moon is only one factor which only suggest that Water element is gaining strength. Now how much this element can affect us this has to be ascertained through many angles as I have described.

Blasts / Terrorist Activity Related Mundane Astrology-Basics

Here I would be discussing ONLY transit/gochara conditions which will definitely lead to violence in the nation …as violent activities could also be traced from the lagan chart of the nation itself.

Before describing those conditions I would like to narrate few basic concepts about the Samhita branch of the astrology, which would give you the basis of my conclusions.

In this branch 1st house of the Gochara (or Incident/current) chart represents the nation Itself , 2nd house represents the wealth or financial condition of the nation (We will not take this house into consideration in our blasts analysis – since few 10 blasts in a particular city do not have a major impact on the financial condition of the nation),

3rd house deals with the general strength of the nation (as a people), 4th house deals with all the infrastructural aspects and peace of the nation (and hence a very important house),

I would not go into each and every aspect of Samhita, but would only focus on the aspects which will initiate violence activities in the nation.

6th house deals with the all forces which acts against the well being of the nation (would explain this in detail)

and finally 8th house along with 3rd(as 8th from 8th) deals with (occurrence of any death in the nation , more so sudden/unexpected deaths – Number of death could vary from 100’s to 1000’s)

For our analysis 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th houses, their lords and their placements are of utmost importance.

When any Sudden/Unexpected (8th house/lord) violent activity which is being executed by Terrorist organizations (6th house/lord), It has a Direct Impact on the strength of the nation (3rd house/lord) and nation as a whole (1st house). As a result, peace of the nation is disturbed with a simultaneous destruction of some infrastructure (i.e 4th house)

Malefics combinations for which we have to look for are:-

1) Mars with Rahu./ketu, Saturn.

2) Malefic influence of Rahu, ketu, Mars, Saturn on Moon.

3) Sun under the malefic influence of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

4) Weakening of Venus and Jupiter.

Now If 1st, 3rd ,4th,6th,8th houses are witnessing above mentioned combinations with a simultaneous conjunction/aspects of the lords of above mentioned houses, Then most definitely violence would be caused.

Also note that if above mentioned malefic combination occurs in lagan itself then the destruction would be on a much larger scale (Like presence of Malefic Mars, Saturn, Rahu etc in lagan)

If all the above explained combinations are occurring simultaneously then also the destruction would be much higher.

Please note that I am writing things in a brief manner due to the limitation of time, to have a complete understanding apply these rules on the practical charts.

One more aspect which has to be seen is the “Varsh chart” of the nation.

See the placement of lagan lord of Varsh chart (Varshesh- Its placement in 6th, 8th and 12th house brings destruction in that year)

Along with the placement of the Varshesh, Placement of “Muntha” should also be seen – Muntha is also a planet whose effects are to be seen in the Varsh chart only.

If Muntha is placed in 4th,6th,7th,11th and 12th houses of a Varsh chart- It will also add to the destruction in that year.

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