Extreme SuperMoon

Extreme Super moon

The phenomenon like extreme super-moon is never the single factor which causes a catastrophe. If an astrologer purely blames ONLY the condition of the moon behind any catastrophe then they are only giving the so called scientists a golden opportunity to curse the divine science like Astrology. These kind of half stories by the astrologers are actually bringing defame to the Astrology. Now what exactly I mean by this:

Take the example of the Japan Catastrophe:

The reason behind this event is not just the position of moon but there are many many astrological factors behind this event which I am afraid to say that modern astrologers are unaware off or they do not want to disclose those facts…but today with the help of this post…I would be unveiling few of all those facts…as only then the astrologers as well the common man will understand that HOW DEEP this science ASTROLOGY is and therefore should be handled with care:

11th march 02:46pm, close to Sendai.

Panchang Indications

1) Day Friday-Kritikka nakshatra [Represent Rog YOG]

2) When Vishkumbh yog happens with Rog Yog-It leads to VISHA yog

Note the Panchang of that day.

Nakshatra Indication:

3) SATURN in HASTA nakshatra-this itself leads to Mrityu, yamghat and Rog yog simultaneously. This scenario aggravates when it coincides with Saturday weekday and that’s why 12th March was another day of catastrophe in Japan. Saturn is also approaching the end of Virgo sign which itself brings destructions worldwide.

4) Mars in shatabhisha nakshatra- This again results to Mrityu Yog and aggravates when it coincides with weekday Tuesday.

5) Lagan in Ashlesha nakshatra ruled by mercury (bhoomi tatva grah)

6) Jupiter and mercury both in Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra of Saturn which is already violent by being in hasta nakshatra.

7) Venus in Shravan nakshatra that is its enemy moon’s nakshatra, this makes more sense as Venus forms the yamghat and Rog yog in other nakshatra of Moon i.e. Rohini and Kritikka so its is vulnerable in third moon nakshatra too which is Shravan.

8) Rahu in Moola na