Arudh Concept

Reasons behind the Calculation techniques of ARUDH.

We all know that, How exactly Arudh of any bhava is calculated.

But do we know that why It is calculated like that?

What’s the reason behind such calculations?

This is what text has to say about the Calculation concepts of Arudh

“O Brahmin, I shall now tell you about the Padas (Arudh) for Houses and Planets as well, as laid down by the earlier Maharishi. The Pad of Lagan will correspond to the Rashi arrived at by counting so many Rashi from Lagans Lord, as he is away from 1st House. Similarly Padas for other Houses be known through their Lords. 

Special Exceptions. The same House or the 7th from it does not become its Pad. When the Pad falls in the same House, the 10th there from be treated, as its Pad. Similarly, when the 7th becomes the Pad of a House, the 4th from the original House in question be treated, as its Pad. If the ruler of a House be in the 4th from the House, then the very House occupied be noted, as the Pad. “

Now the question arises, why Arudh is calculated like this? What’s the basis of these techniques?

Let’s have a closer look.

As per Maharishi wisdom;

To calculate the Arudh of any house.

1) First see the placement of the lord of that house.

2) Count the no. of rashi’s/Bhava between that house and its lord starting the numbering from that very house.

3) Count the same no. of rashi/bhava from that lord.

4) Resultant house would become the pad of the Original house.

Reasons and explanations:-

Lord of any house carries the qualities of that house. Disposition of that lord in a particular house will give the final say on “Net outcome of the house qualities with respect to the house in which it is placed”.

To make everyone understand let me take an example and make things simple.

I want to calculate the Arudh of 11th house, so how to do it.?

See where exactly the lord of 11th house is placed, suppose it is placed in lagan (1st House).

so 3rd house will become the Arudh of 11th house.[Since lagan(1st) is 3 positions ahead of 11th house, so count another 3 positions to reach the 3rd house]

Now notice that the 11th lord who is placed in the lagan is the actual carrier of the qualities of 11th house. When I am counting the same no. from 11th lord and naming the resultant house Arudh of 11th house (which is 3rd), I am just taking 11th lord which is actually, 11th from AL11.

This is because both AL11 (Arudh of 11th house) and 11th house are at equal distance from the 11th lord. (i.e. 3 rashi’s) which is placed in lagan (1st house)

So instead of taking “GAIN” as the quality of 11th house, I am taking “GAIN” as the quality of 11th lord (also read about Pak lagan to understand more about this concept) and since I am taking 11th lord as the representative for the GAIN, I am shifting my lagan from 1st house to 3rd house, are you getting what I am trying to say.?

The concept described by the rishis is thus more accurate in giving the visible picture of the 11th house. In the sense that from where or how the native is experiencing gains. If AL11 is falling in 3rd house, it actually means that the person will get benefited or will gain from the parameters of 3rd house which are communication skills, singing, writing, courage, boldness, short meeting, short trips etc. Secondly the planets influencing the AL11 will give further information about the gains, for example if suppose Moon is influencing AL11, then the person will gain because of his/her mother, emotions, feelings etc i.e. the parameters of moon.  You can dive deep and also understand that if a person will gain through emotions or feelings, then he/she must be having great control over his/her feeling or emotions as only then the person can use them for gains. Such natives are experts in creative writing, singing, painting, counselling others etc

Anyways, coming back, So basically, Instead of revolving things around house, concept is revolving around lords.(i.e. instead of 11th House, focus has shifted to 11th lord and therefore the lagan is taken w.r.t 11th lord which is 3rd house in this case)

Hence Arudh describe the visible (Lord) part of any house and not the INHERENT part (House)

Coming to the exceptions taken by the Maharishi in this technique

As per sage Parashar if the lord is sitting in its own house or 7th from its rashi, then the pad would be 10th from it.

Now why only 10th house??

First we must understand that Arudh can never coincide with the original house in reference.

Or the “Perceived part”(Arudh Concept) can never be similar to the “actual part”

To explain this, lord Krishna has given an ideal example in Bhagwat Gita.

he says that this “nashwar” world is like a tree.

From our angle this tree has its roots at the bottom and branches with leaves at the top but spiritual reality (to achieve god) is roots are at the top and branches are at the bottom.

[Please go through this concept in the Bhagwat Gita]

Coming back to our exception!

So crux of the matter is Arudh cannot be in the same bhava reason I have already given.

Now next question is why take 10th house from It.??

See, 10th house represents Karma (Action)

Karma of any house lies in the 10th from it.

For example;

3rd house is 10th from 6th: Means to counter all kinds of obstacles (in the form of court cases, accidents, diseases, enemies etc), Karma called Prakram/will power/killing spirit is required.

So when a pad is falling in the same house , our maharshi’s have tactfully taken the very Karma of that house as a pad of that house.

Since in this case the visible part or perceived part would only be the Karma corresponding to that.

See ,What a divine thinking, our rishi’s were having !!

To understand this in the better way;

Assume a very down to earth person, very knowledgeable and very transparent.(Just like a swarashi planet or planet aspecting its own house)

Life of this person is like a open book as a result nothing beyond his GOOD KARMA is visible to the world and also -no Karma exist beyond this good Karmas. (What he thinks, Matches with his saying, which also matches with his action- In other words, he is very transparent)

As a result there is no difference between his Thoughts, speech and Action

This is a reason why 10th house from it is taken as a pad.

Now let us come to Next exception

7th house from the original house cannot become its pad.

When will it happen, when a lord of that house sits 4th from it, so on again counting 4th from it, Pad comes out to be 7th from it, WHICH IS NOT TAKEN,  instead 4th only becomes the pad of that house.

Now why 7th house from the original is not taken as its pad?

If you look at closely, 7th house from any house has qualities just opposite to the reference house.

For example;

If 2nd house has visible money

8th house has hidden money.

If 9th house has favors from fortune and grace from god then to derive favor from 3rd house, efforts are required on the part of the native (his own Prakram bal.) just opposite.

If lagan represent east, 7th represent west (just opposite)

If 4th represents north, 10th represents south (again just opposite)

This is the reason why pad cannot fall in the 7th house from the original house.

Since that would mean just the reversal of the quality (of the house whose pad is required) in terms of visibility to the world which is NOT POSSIBLE.

Always remember that.

1st house represent bhoo Shakti (Brahma deva), 2nd house represent Shri Shakti (Vishnu dev) and 7th house represent kalishakti (shiva). In case of Arudh lagan/or while taking Arudh lagan we are talking of illusion (Maya). Now since 1st house and the house opposite to that(7th) represent SATVA(Brahma, shiva), We cannot take Arudh as 1st or 7th from the specific bhava as Arudh. Since satva cannot coincide with the Maya, we never take Arudh as the same house or the house opposite to that.

Now coming to why only 4th from the original house is taken as pad in this case?

The reason remains the same but should be analyzed in a bit different manner.

I have already given the reason for taking 10th house as pad (In case of swarashi planet in a house and planet in the 7th from its rashi).

Assume we have to find the pad of lagan.

I am taking 2 cases to explain the concept.

Assume lagan lord to be mars (Aries rashi in lagan)

1) First case- mars is sitting in lagan itself (so AL would be in 10th house as per the rule)

2) Second case- Mars is sitting in 4th house (Since 7th house cannot be taken as a pad therefore 4th house would be the AL-as per the rule).

Now when mars was in lagan, 10th from it was taken as pad (Reason I have given)

And when mars was in 4th house, since the pad was coming out to be 7th house which is JUST OPPOSITE TO LAGAN (and cannot be taken),

So pad is taken as 4th house which is opposite to 10th house (which is taken in case the planet sits in the same house.)

Refer the opposite concept which I have explained just now.

In short concept of Arudh has a very strong basis.

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