Palmistry-cycle of life and death

See every part of our body to every cell in our constitution is a complete universe in itself and all of them always invite us to look at them and understand the creation, magic and story of God.

Right now I am taking the example of our palm.

See your palm carefully to understand the concept of God, cycle of birth & death more deeply. Look at Your Thumb which is nothing but the physical representation of your mind and therefore signifies or form the basis of the path towards God himself and at the end of this path i.e. on the tip of your Thumb resides the God Himself. That is the final point of your mind is God himself. Your Palm is the physical representation of your body as a whole.

Now why Have I given the stature of God to the “thumb tip”, stature of mind to Thumb and how exactly these things are connected to the cycle of birth and death?

See, when you close your palm to form a punch, Though your thumb is a part of your palm but still it always remains outside the scope of your palm in the same manner God resides in all of us and in the every minutest corner of this universe but still he is out of the scope of this universe, hence he controls it, Though this Thumb is widely detached from the rest of your fingers but still it is the biggest strength of your fingers and palm as a whole similarly God is detached from this body based materialistic parameters(Age, Sleep, hunger, diseases, desires etc) but still he is the root cause, strength and supporter of all the materialistic pursuits. Though the thumb is not visible inside the framework of your palm but it is there being the greatest support of your palm similarly though God is not visible in this world but still he is present everywhere being the biggest support to this world. Though your soul resides in the mount of sun under ring finger and though it is a Micro representation of that supreme soul but still it is different from that supreme soul (GOD) which resides in your thumb tip i.e. though souls of all us have originated from that supreme soul (God) but still we both are separate entities in itself.

To feel the presence and clear existence of God or Thumb, your soul need to come out of your palm (i.e. body) through thumb (mind) and finally reach to the place where God resides i.e. tip of the thumb. God will then connect you to the space which is beyond time and dimensions. As a result your soul will reside in complete peace.

See this world is a vicious circle which has the shape of a spiral (like our galaxy), now if you want to come out of this spiral (through Thumb), name of the God is the only option. Coming out from this world is only possible when the very cause of your birth on this planet mitigates as then there would be no reason left for your soul to take the birth once again, In a simple language taking birth itself leads to suffering, that’s why we need to break the shackles of Birth and death cycle to finally get merged into that supreme force that is running and supporting this universe.

Now How to break the shackles of this cycle of life and death…

At every moment we are doing a karma (ACTION).Even when we are sleeping, its an action in itself this is because breathing itself is an action. Now when there is an action, there must be some outcome also (Every action has an equal and opposite reaction). This concept forces our soul to take birth on this planet again and again now coming on track that outcome could be positive or negative. If we save somebody’s life, the result of this action would be good, if we murder somebody consequently the result would be bad. In both the cases to bear the consequences of our actions, we have to take a new birth. Since we either do good or bad. Therefore this vicious circle always continues and therefore our soul never gets free from this birth and death cycle of suffering.

So what to do?

Simple make GOD the owner of all your actions make him responsible for any action now if you assume that your action is being done by God then you will also dedicate the fruit of that action to God. As a result chronologically, You have separated yourself from the never ending cycle of actions and God himself is beyond the cycle of death and birth so he cant take the birth on your behalf.

Consequently your action becomes eternal, transadental which cannot have an equal and opposite reaction. In other words you have entered that space beyond Thumb (refer my last post)…where boundations of time and dimensions are not applicable.

So remove I from all your actions…I have done this…I can do this ….NO.

God is the cause…he is the doer and therefore he is the bearer of all actions.

This is the law of the UNIVERSE.

Story ends.

we humans are in a habit of going after materialistic things first whereas we forget that when we take the name of the God then the God will not only fulfill all our basic materialistic pursuits but will also detach our thinking from those materialistic things. Taking his name is an indirect way of getting all the materialistic happiness with a bonus of spiritualistic everlasting happiness.

Though God will give you the home, conveyances, spouse everything you want but still simultaneously he will put your mind in a state that there would be no attachment with those materialistic pursuits suffering comes only when you have an attachment with something available in this world. In simple words you will love your car; still you can leave it anytime as you have no attachment with it that is sweets in both HANDS.

The meaning of attachment and detachment is very hard to understand.

When Lord Krishna was giving the Gita updesh to Arjuna the doubt of Arjuna ended only when god showed him his virat roop (Big Appearance), before that even Lord was not able to fully convince Arjuna.

but Only god can convince a human about these ideal concepts.

Loving somebody or something and simultaneously remaining detached from that very thing fulfilling all the responsibilities and simultaneously remaining detached from those responsibilities is something very complex to understand and then implement but very easy to implement and then understand. In other words, becomes very easy to understand for the person who regularly takes god’s name with full devotion.

Generally people apply logic & knowledge to trust.

Format should be reversed, Just trust first “Logic and knowledge will automatically come to you”.

Have blind faith in God and try to leave everything on him. He will automatically make you work very hard.

People first apply logic that if we leave everything on god that means we should not work hard or simply we should sit idle.

They fail to realize that when you leave everything on God then you will automatically start working very very very hard.

Trust him, know him, love him and you will start experiencing what I am saying.

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