Spiritual Reading

This is divided into 2 parts. The first part is based on D-60 chart and deals with your past birth, which will cover things like:

  1. Where you were born in the last birth.
  2. When you were born in the last birth.
  3. Whether you were male or female in the last birth.
  4. Brief information about your mother and father in the previous birth.
  5. Brief comments on your relationship with your father, mother, wife in the previous birth.
  6. Bad deeds which you had undertaken in the last birth.
  7. Remedies to counter those bad deeds.

The Second part will focus on your Future Birth based on D-108 chart which is primarily dependent on the Karmas (actions) which we execute in this birth and in the past birth, this ONLY talks about the path of your soul on the basis of qualities which our soul have. In other words, I will comment on development path of all qualities w.r.t each planet like Saturn denotes patience, perseverance, vision, hard work, consistency. Jupiter is for wisdom, knowledge etc, Venus is for Beauty, sex, luxuries, love, kindness etc, Mercury for speech, memory, intellect etc.

Price: 5000(INR) , 100 (USD)


D-60 and D-108 charts are highly sensitive w.r.t birth time i.e. even a few seconds variation in the birth time can change these charts, Hence its highly recommended for the client to also avail my BTR service under Option G1 along with Spiritual Reading.


In case, any additional queries have to be asked, charges will be in accordance with Query Based Consultation.

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