Auspicious Dates and Time

If you wish to know auspicious dates/times (mahurat) corresponding to:

  1. Marriage or
  2. Engagement or
  3. C section Delivery or
  4. Any prayer or pooja or hawan ceremony or
  5. Intercourse activity or
  6. Purchasing new vehicle or
  7. Buying new house/land/office/building/complex/mall or
  8. Shifting to a new house/land/office/building/complex/mall or
  9. Starting a new business/new work or
  10. Buying a new appliance/gadget/instrument/equipment/machine etc or
  11. Initiating a construction work of a house/office/building/complex/mall or
  12. Important travel or
  13. Important Meeting or
  14. Launching a Government or private campaign/public welfare scheme or
  15. Promotion or launch of a Movie, Music Video, Album, book etc or
  16. Launching a satellite/space mission
  17. Starting a new company
  18. State or national Election
  19. Executing any event/show
  20. Launching any website/ you tube channel/page on a social networking site/any online platform.

Any important event then you can go for this option.

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