Divisional charts seen for worldly success

D-9 or Navamsa chart

This is one of the most important divisional chart in Vedic Astrology and has many usages. Both on the materialistic and spiritualistic level, the importance of this chart cannot be ignored. This chart is specifically seen to dive deep in the matters of

  • Spouse
  • General fortune and
  • Spiritual progress.

Apart from this, the strength and state of each planet in the navamsa chart have a major say in the overall strength or auspiciousness of the specific planet in the lagan chart/cusp chart.

Even the most accomplished astrologers are unaware of the fact that this chart is the reflection of native’s unknown side or opposite side. Here your friend nikhil wants to cast a light on a very apt relationship between the lagan chart and D-9 chart i.e. If lagan chart is shiva, then D-9 chart is its shakti, shakti is that which completes the shiva. That’s why this chart is also seen for spouse, as life partner completes us, just like shakti completes the shiva.

From another angle, even for the people who are unmarried, this chart is equally important, as this chart puts more light on the spiritual power without which the life of the native is incomplete, hence in this case Dharma takes the role of shakti to complete the native.

Indeed, spouse is also called as “Dharam patni” i.e. the soul/person which stands with the native in every dharmik karye (Spiritual work). Basically, as per the little humble understanding of your friend Nikhil by the grace of god, is that the most important significance of the spouse is to support the native in his/her spiritual progress. We all have taken birth primarily to evolve our souls spiritually, so that we can get free from the baggage of karmas. Hence we can easily derive that one’s spouse helps or supports to progress quickly on the path of Dharma but great yogi’s or saints without even getting married, can also acheive great advancement in the path of spiritualism by activating their shakti through dhyan or tap (Meditation). Therefore the D-9 chart can also be seen to measure the meditative (Dhyan or tap) skills of the native and how well a person can walk on the path of dharma. The person who attain high spiritual status can only be termed as fortunate, hence D-9 chart is also seen for determining the general fortune of the native.

D-10 or Dasamsa chart

When it comes to determining or evaluating anything related to the profession or career of the native, then this chart have a very important role to play. Though in this world whatever a human does, is a karma, i.e. even when we are sleeping, it’s a kind of karma only, but the karmas or actions through which we earn our living on this planet falls under the category of profession. Since our profession can gives us, fame, power, wealth, influence, respect, hence this chart can be seen for all this.

D-2 or Hora chart

This chart cast a light on the wealth, family and prosperity of the native.

D-4 or Chaturthamsa chart

This chart cast a light on the luck or fortune which the person has in the context of properties or your residence or home. You can also say that this chart will elaborate on how much pleasure, happiness or comfort you will have in your house/home/residence or from the property you hold. Someone may be living in a palace but still do not experience that warmth in that palace and another person may be living in a small house but is still very comfortable or happy in his house. So these things can deciphered from this chart.

D-5 or Panchamsa chart

This chart is analyzed to assess, that, how much fame, power or authority or command or influence can a native experience in his/her life. Kindly note, that Rahu and Ketu should not be considered during the analysis of this chart.

D-11 or Rudramsa or Labhamsa or Ekadasamsa Chart

This chart comments about various kinds or sources of gains (all kind of gains, including financial gains). Secondly, as we all know that it requires a great control to manage desires while experiencing gains. Most of the people, cannot keep a tame on their ego or fail to remain down to earth during the phases of their success or achievements. As a result those very desires and ego can lead to the destruction of the person, hence this chart can also comment on the source of destruction of the person.

D-16 or Shodasamsa chart

This chart cast a reflection on the happiness, comfort, satisfaction which the person derives through Vehicles or while travelling. In short, through this chart we can comment on the relationship between the native and his mode of travel. From the materialistic angle, certainly, the person who is the owner of a luxurious vehicle, will have an access to much more physical comfort but Its also possible that a person owning a small car is more happy or satisfied than the person owning a high end luxurious car. Now, both the mental state of the person for his vehicles and the materialistic comfort angle associated with any vehicle which is there for everyone to see, can be decoded from this chart.

D-60 or Shashtyamsa chart

This chart is extremely important and is seen for all matters.