Bhirgu Bindu

Dear all, through this article your friend nikhil will make you understand the actual essence behind the concept of Bhirgu Bindu. In short, why do we analyze it ?

Please note that the Soul represented by Sun, is always pure & eternal and nothing can affect this purity of soul. Soul cannot be cut by a weapon, it cannot be burnt by the fire, it cannot get wet by the water, nor can it be blown away by the air. Basically, it can never die. In other words, none of the 5 elements (i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space) can harm the soul in any way BUT our MIND or THOUGHTS represented by Moon can get controlled by Jealousy (Irshya), Anger (Krodh), Want /greed (Lobh), Attraction (Moh), Injustice (Anyaye), Passion/Lust (Kaam), Hatred (Ghradna), Laziness (Aalasya), Ignorance (Agyan), False (Asatya), Fear (Bhaye).

You can say that, our Moon or mind or thoughts can get negatively affected by RAHU, which governs over all of the parameters mentioned above. That’s why, every problem in this world boils down at the level of our thoughts or mind. So the crux of the matter is, if we can prevent our moon from the harmful parameters of Rahu, every problem in this world will get sorted out. I think you all will also agree with your friend nikhil on this.

Bhrigu Bindu is basically a midpoint (degree-minute-second) between Rahu and the Moon in your horoscope/Birth Chart. A midpoint between these 2 planets (Moon, Rahu) i.e. BB, represent that how well our mind or moon can counter all the negative parameters represented by Rahu.

Our soul carries the baggage of good or bad karmas along with it. Even after our death, this cycle of life and death continues till each of our karma reaches its completion. Now what do I mean by completion ? See basically, Each and every karma (action) should be done with a “niswarth bhav” (Doing good to others or society without expecting anything). The Karma which we do with Niswarth Bhav automatically becomes a Nishkaam karma, i.e. the karma which does not lead to any result (good or bad) and hence the native gets free from the chain of karma cycle by doing Nishkaam karma consistently. In short, by doing Nishkaam Karma, we lay down or surrender all our actions onto the feets of that almighty and hence the outcome of those karmas automatically get evaporated as god is beyond the scope of Karma cycle.
But from where this karma or action orginates ? It originates from our thoughts. Hence thoughts initiates each and every karma or action of our life. Now we all know that there can be no life without Karma. Even when we are sleeping, we are doing a karma only. Therefore, life is nothing but a collection of innumerable thoughts. As I mentioned earlier too that Moon governs over thoughts, hence we can safely say that Moon is life and Rahu is death.

Winning of life in spiritual terms actually means, to get free from this cycle of life and death, as if the birth happens, death will automatically follow. If we wish to get rid of death, then we also need to get rid of the birth.

How well, our life can win over death ? or how well our Moon can win over Rahu ? so that we do not have to take birth again, bhirgu bindu can give us a glimse or essence of the same.

Please note that the exact method of calculating Bhirgu Bindu is easily available on net, hence here, your friend nikhil only stated its basic significance.